Citizen of God

In times of sorrow and tribulation,
I often decide to turn to friends and family.
Yes, they help and give much advice,
but, in the end, they can’t save me.

I can decide to sink into myself,
look into the mirror to see what I may see,
think about it through and through,
but, in the end, I can’t save me.

Maybe it is possible to turn to someone,
someone of higher rank, whoever they may be.
They may care or they may not,
but still, no human of any rank can save me.

Well, how about this great land,
this great vast land I call my country?
I can fight and stand with it,
but still, no nation can save me.

What about something even larger,
the entire world, with all its lands and seas?
But still, even with all its power and strength,
this huge world can’t save me.

But how about in the end time
when there are battles across land and sea?
Oh, who then, in all that time of sorrow and tribulation,
who then is going to save me?

I’d rather fight for God.
For Him, I’ll battle across land and sea.
I’ll be a citizen of the Kingdom of my Lord,
for He’s the only one that can save me.