You Need to Set Goals

For a Christian, the most important goal that can be attained is entering the kingdom of God (Mathew 6:33). But like any goal, you have to set up a plan that includes specific practices in order to achieve the goal. An old saying states, “A journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step.” In other words, to accomplish your goals you have to complete a number of smaller tasks in order to achieve the ultimate goal. Let’s look at achieving the goal of getting into the Kingdom and in the process we will see the major points you will need to achieve any goal.
In order to get into God’s kingdom we must first come to an awareness that God is real and that this world in need of change. Once we determine the reality of God we will seek to find out what God desires. This will lead us to His Word where we will learn that we need to repent and be baptized. We will begin to follow God’s law and grow in knowledge and understanding about God. This increase in knowledge will lead us into many operative practices like fasting, Bible study, prayer, church attendance, tithing, meditation, evangelism and good works. Finally if we stick to our commitment and persevere, despite some pain, we will be resurrected at Christ’s second coming and will attain our goal. That’s all it takes. Sounds easy right? Well let me now get into the details of what I’ve just said and you will be able to find the keys to goal achievement.

Step 1
The first point in your goal achievement plan is having the idea of what you want to accomplish. When we realize as Christians this world is not all it’s cracked up to be, we start to ponder a better world. Eventually we learn about God’s kingdom. So what I would call Step 1 is having some type of vision, an idea that you are really passionate about. Without the passion it will be hard to sustain the work you will need to complete your goal.

Step 2
is doing research. For example, in my kingdom of God goal above, after I realized God was real I set out to begin learning all about God. This process is still with me to this day and will be till I die. My research led me to the church. Once you figure out what your goal is, you need to begin to learn all that you can about how to achieve it.

Step 3
is setting up practices that will be stepping-stones to achieve your goal. This is usually the toughest part. It will take discipline and commitment for you to continue to work your plan on a continuing basis. Many goals are abandoned because people do not have the stamina to continue to do the tasks they need to on a consistent basis. It is up to you, just do it.

Step 4
One other thing you will need to be aware of in achieving your goal is there will be roadblocks along the way. Many people are stopped because of the unforeseen occurrences. What you have to remember is that you can be assured achievement of your goal will not always go according to your plan.  That’s why I would say step 4 is being flexible. If one door closes in your face don’t forget there are many other doors to try.  For a Christian trying to get into the Kingdom, a roadblock could be a recurring sin or doubt about your belief. God foresaw all the possible problems (roadblocks) in leading man to salvation and created a plan that would help us get there despite ourselves.

Step 5
The fifth and final step in achieving your goal is accountability. Jesus was accountable to the Father for a number of things while He lived a human existence. Even though it was tough, Jesus made it through because He went to the Father in prayer to help get through the tough times. Being accountable to someone other than yourself can help push you along (Mathew 26:39). You will need a mentor, friend, family member, coach, team or teacher to help you achieve your goals. Having someone there to talk over the issues and come up with new ideas for the roadblocks will make achieving your goal that much more sure.
Another facet of accountability is personal accountability. In achieving your goals an important key could be writing your goals down in a notebook on a regular basis. This will help you carry through on the practices or commitments you will need to achieve as you begin to move toward reaching your goals. Never forget, as we read in Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” So achieve your goals, but don’t lose sight of the ultimate goal, entering the Kingdom of God.