Synergy and the Kingdom

One of the foundational principles in the Bible is the fact that God is trying to bring about unity between Himself and humanity. Evidence for this in Scripture can be found in John 17:11-22. Here we read God not only wants to be one with those who believe in Him, but even with those who do not yet believe in Him. The consummation of this oneness will take place when we are transformed into the very nature of God as spirit beings (1 Corinthians 15; 2 Peter 1:4).

This oneness and unity God is working toward with humanity can be seen by examples of unity or synergy in nature. In Romans 1:20, we read that nature provides us evidence of God’s nature. I believe part of God’s nature involves this synergy He is trying to achieve with humanity. Now synergy is not just unity, but unity leading to a better outcome. A higher and better way beyond comprehension. Let me provide some examples of synergy in nature so we might better understand why God would want humans to be part of His spiritual family (Romans 8:14-16).

One great example of synergy in nature can be found among the mighty redwood trees in California. These enormous trees have stood the test of time due to their synergistic relationship with each other. How can these massive trees which are so tall be able to stand for so long? Part of the answer lies under the surface of the ground. These giant sequoia trees have interlocked their root systems which provide them the support they all need to survive.

Another example of synergy in nature can be found in the flight pattern of geese. Have you ever seen geese flying in a “V” formation? By flying in this formation geese are able to fly longer and farther than they could have flown separately. In the “V” formation the geese in the back of the formation take advantage of the updraft caused by the geese flying in the front. As the geese in the front tire, they drop to the back and take advantage of the updraft created by those birds moving up in the formation.

A third example of synergy can be found in music. One guitar playing by itself may sound great, but when you add some drums, a bass guitar, a piano, and a singing voice the experience of the music is greatly enhanced. The unity of the different parts makes the whole greater than the sum of the parts.

A final example I will provide, even though there are many others, pertains to something as simple as pieces of wood. Two pieces of wood put together can sustain an exponentially greater amount of weight than either of the pieces could sustain by themselves even if you added up the total weight bearing amount of the single pieces.

So what is my point in providing these varied examples of synergy in nature? Well, who put nature together? God, of course, and if Romans 1:20 says we can learn about God by the things He has made, this might provide us with some clues as to what God might be doing with us.

I believe God is providing humankind the opportunity to partake of His very nature and really become one with Him (Genesis 1:26-27; Hebrews 12:10; 1 Corinthians 15:45-49). But why would God want us to partake in His divine nature? What would be gained by this? Well, I don’t think we can come to a complete or definitive answer on this now, but there is one interesting scripture which may provide a clue.

In Romans 8:18-23 it tells us the creation (universe and beyond) is waiting in eager anticipation for the sons of God (humans who achieve salvation) to be born into the family of God. This will begin to occur at Christ’s second coming and the beginning of Christ’s kingdom reign. At the end of this 1,000 year reign I believe many others will have an opportunity for salvation and the forces of Satan will finally be defeated. What comes after that? Perhaps this is what Romans 8 is speaking about. Whatever it is it is something amazing and awesome. But why would that moment in history hold such promise and possibility? Well think back to what we said about synergy in nature. When nature creates a unity or oneness amazing and awesome things are the outcome.

Let me give you one more example from the natural world before I make a final point. Suppose you take three similar sized metal bars. Let’s say one is iron, one chromium, and one nickel. Experiments have been conducted finding that a certain size iron bar takes 60,000 pounds per square inch (PSI) of pressure to break. A similar size chromium bar would take 70,000 PSI to break. Our nickel bar would need 80,000 PSI to break it. You might think if we put these different types of metals together in a similar sized bar it would take 210,000 PSI to break it. But you would be wrong. Studies have found the strength of the bar with the combined (oneness) metals would take 300,000 PSI to break it. In other words the unified (3 metals) bar would be exponentially 43 percent stronger than the individual bars.

Is it possible these natural examples could have some analogous meaning in the spiritual realm? We know that God has created physical types in this world which mirror some spiritual types. If God’s very nature is revealed to some degree by what He has made could it be possible the oneness God seeks with humanity might create some ultimate synergy which will be unleashed on the whole of creation? A synergy which brings about a greatness beyond all the positive outcomes of natural synergies? Let’s not forget God is love (1 John 4:16). If God is able to expand love into what humanity becomes in their spiritual state, what would that be like? I hope we all have the chance to find out.