What a Gift the Earth Is!

How close is our relation and story to the earth?

We are so closely related to our earth. Everything from our chemical makeup to our journey throughout history and even our Christian walk! The earth is made up of clay and water, for the majority of its makeup. The same is our story. The fact that our physical makeup mirrors that of the earth is proof positive that God is real! God even told us how He formed us (Genesis 1). The fact that He told us He made us of clay—and that’s exactly what we’re made of—is more proof, if you needed it. The fact that all the laws of nature exist on this planet for one reason, to facilitate and sustain our lives, is proof that a loving God exists. If any of the laws of nature were to go out of place slightly, it would mean catastrophic consequences for us. Luckily for us, the Lord tells us He holds up all of the laws and forces of the universe by His power. To me that is very comforting! How spoiled are we that we get to live on this planet?! Job 38 tells us the angels sang out in harmony and shouted for joy when they saw our home. It was such a beautiful place, and so precious, it made one of those angels jealous when he found out the gift was for us and learned of the glory that awaits us!

We can easily forget what an amazing blessing it is just to have a chance to live on this earth; to be able to see all the wondrous ideas of God manifested; to breath in the wonderful, perfect air; to smell and see, or even be around, the amazing flowers and plants! What manner of love is this, that we should receive such a precious gift, not only this earth, but eternal salvation, adoption into the mightiest family imaginable? If that’s not love, brethren, I don’t know what is.

The true Christian walk is so much like the history the earth has been subjected to. From God first forming us, we then become tohu and bohu (formless and empty—Genesis 1:2). Then God starts working on us to reveal in us a child of God. Then we’re subject to our horrendous sin. Then finally our great flood—our baptism. Then God brings a righteous man/woman out of the storm. Clearly the earth’s story didn’t end there. Neither does ours.

We’re still subject to that sin almost immediately after the flood, aren’t we? People still hurt us intentionally and unintentionally, don’t they? People still take and take from us and give nothing back. Right? Still mirroring our earth!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention one glaring difference between us and our earth; God gave us dominion over everything on the earth and told us to subdue it. We definitely impact and affect our environment. We have been granted that power by our Lord. That goes either way, negatively or positively. I’m not advocating for a particular position on climate change or global warming. I’m making an observation. The Lord spoke our dominion over the entire earth into existence!

Back to the similarities between our wondrous home and ourselves: Romans 8 tells us the entire earth groans as it waits for us to be revealed. I know I groan and plead, “Thy kingdom come!” I groan while hoping and praying I’m making the cut. I, too, groan as I wait for the sons of God to be revealed! I’m sure that’s the same with everyone striving to be a “firstfruit.”

So why am I going on about the earth? Well just like us, the earth needs love and attention. I’m getting tree huggy here, but our home is worth it. Plant a tree, tend to dead ones (if possible), plant a garden, do something to better the earth. Take care of the earth, and God will take care of you through the earth.

Practice conservation, whether of energy, water, or fish and game. Having dominion over something and subduing it doesn’t mean you can do as you please, when you please. It means to ensure its survival and bring it under your control. That same control and dominion is what you’re going to be gifted with in the Kingdom, to a much greater and much more important extent!

This amazing ball, with its perfect, harmonious laws, is such an amazing gift! It deserves the attention the Good Lord charged us to give it. How important this rock is! It harbors God’s most precious creations!

The earth and all of its wonders are more than enough proof God is real, and He loves us and truly wants us to be comfortable. He has facilitated that, and provided all the amenities for us to live like kings. What a wonderful God! I thank Him so deeply for a chance on this patch of clay. Walking, talking, breathing clay! His power is flabbergasting!

As a creature subject to the laws of nature, I am always awed by the mighty powers of nature. These forces serve as a reminder that we are nothing without God. The sheer awesome, terrifying power of a category five hurricane isn’t even a millionth of our God’s awesomeness! The deafening sound of Niagara Falls as the water is crashing over the cliff is pretty intimidating. God’s voice is said to sound like this—much more intense, I’m sure. Nonetheless, the falls is nothing compared to the One that made it! The earth and all of its wonders remind us there is One upholding them by His wondrous power. Our God is an intense God. He loves us intensely. God is zealous for us. The intense forces of nature are nothing compared to the intense love that our Lord and Savior and Father share for us!

I think it’s safe to say that God not only loves us but also loves this ball He made. His ultimate goal is to live here with us forever. How wonderful! A God who resides in a place we can’t even imagine wants to live here with these knucklehead mudballs! What love! What graciousness!

So our personal Christian story can be so closely related to earth’s history it’s uncanny. I know mine is. Understanding that helps me grow in faith in God, in appreciation of our earth, and, most importantly, in appreciation and adoration of our Father and our Lord Jesus. The earth’s existence is proof of God’s love for us. Eat a mango! Tell me that thing occurred in nature by accident! A banana! They literally grow on trees! Not only does God want us to be comfortable, He wants us to enjoy our existence now. He wants us to be healthy. We have a great work to do. He has given us all things on earth to complete these tasks.

So take in your surroundings. They are a precious gift to you. Let them serve as a reminder that you serve an awesome God who cares for and loves you. Appreciate the earth for the blessing it is.

In Isaiah 45, the Lord tells us He stretched out the heavens with His hands. He says it as if it were me talking about putting a new compressor in a commercial freezer. It’s no task for Him. Such majesty! In Isaiah 44, the Lord tells us He did it all by Himself!

Look at the creation and its story for what it is—proof of God, proof of His love, and proof of the Bible. What an amazing gift the earth is!