Are You Neglecting Your Spiritual Gifts?

Are you using the gifts that God gave you to benefit His word? In the bible, God says He’s given each of us a gift that we should use to not only serve one another, but to also serve God and His church (1 Peter 4:10)! Are you using the gifts that God has blessed you with to spread His word? All of us in the church have a gift or a few gifts that God has blessed us with that we can use to grow and spread His word. I guess the biggest question is why God’s people won’t put their gifts in to use for His church and gospel. Why do we give our all at work, but come to services happy to sit there and not really participate?

God says we’re all one, unified under the body of Christ, but some of us have been given more gifts than others according to our faith (Romans 12:3-10). God says that man shouldn’t use these differences in gifts to put ourselves on a pedestal as men often do, but we should humble ourselves and realize that all members have a unique set of gifts given to us by God that we should use in serving one another. Can you imagine how great things would be if we all took the time to explore our specific gifts and used that gift to earnestly serve one another! We shouldn’t be giving more to our job than we do to the God we say we believe in—and that’s something I myself need to work on. Many times we give our all at work and just come to church hoping others will use their gifts, not expecting to have to use our own. We have to realize we’re serving our great God and He blessed us with those gifts to not just serve ourselves, but to be of service to others. Why not use the gifts we were given to serve & praise the one who gave them to us?!

We have to give thanks to God for the gifts He’s bestowed on us through prayer & by using those gifts to serve others. Some of us have been blessed with great personalities, musical gifts, cooking skills, teaching skills, compassion, wisdom, leadership, a giving heart, or anything you may be good at (Corinthians 12:7-11). God says if we don’t use and practice with the gifts He has given us, we will lose them (1 Timothy 4:7-16 & Matthew 25:14-30). We should constantly work on serving God and our brethren with the gifts God gave us, so we may benefit His word. If we give our employer our all, doesn’t our creator who gave us those gifts deserve more?


Let’s take the time to examine ourselves and figure out how we can be of more service to our local church. Remember, we have all been giving gifts and no matter how small you think they are, all gifts come together to work in favor of the body of Christ!

(Colossians 3:23-24; Romans 12:11; James 4:6; Hebrews 3:13; 1 Corinthians 12:12)