A Talented People

Many times, when we hear the word “talented,” or “gifted,” we automatically think of famous sports players, musicians, actors, authors, chefs, etc. We often forget that we all have a talent/gift for which we may never receive acknowledgment from other men, but God has given us all talents (1 Peter 4:10). All of our talents vary just like the pieces of a puzzle, but when we put all our talents together, we make a whole. No one man or woman can do it all, but together with all the talents God has given us we can accomplish a lot.

God states in Luke 8:4-15 that we should all strive to bear good fruit after hearing his true Word. God sows the seeds, and some will produce good fruit, while others will not, despite how much God pokes and prods them. We’ve all heard the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30). God has given us all a talent, and if we do nothing with that talent, we will lose it. Our talent will be taken and given to those who are doing their part to spread the Word of God. God doesn’t give us an option when it comes to the talents He has given to each of us; He demands we use the talents He has given us to benefit His Word and not tuck it underneath our mattress.

Just take a moment to meditate 1 Peter 4:10. It should make us immediately question ourselves on what we are doing to benefit God’s Word. It states that ALL of us have received a gift and should minister one to another. Hmm…it’s not just the minister’s job to minister, but God calls on all of us to minister and be more active in the spreading of His Word. Some of us are blessed with a beautiful voice, some with great culinary skills, and some with an ability to speak. Some like numbers and are good with accounting, some have great wealth, some are great artists, some are great writers, etc. Figure out what talents God has given you, and immediately figure out how you can benefit the spreading of His Word. God doesn’t give us any other option; IT’S A “USE OR LOSE” situation!

Jeremy BrownComment